Our Locations

Whether you wish for a peaceful, quiet and relaxing holiday, or you want to explore every corner of the city and its nightlife, we have the perfect fit for you.

From tree-lined, dream-like alleys, to vibrant streets full of architectural gems and tapas bars right around the corner, each of the neighbourhoods we chose for our homes have that special something that will make you immerse in the city’s eclectic and exciting day-to-day life.


Away from the crowds, but just a convenient subway ride to the centre, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, more than anywhere else in the city, you can experience the fascinating and surprising multicultural hodgepodge that is Barcelona. People from all over the world have made Hospitalet their home and that shows especially in the variety of cuisines on every corner. An evening ‘’treasure hunt’’ for dinner will uncover loads of hidden culinary gems. Stroll through the outdoor market on a weekend morning and take in the local and authentic atmosphere. Maybe that will make you, too, think about sticking around for a while longer. 


The idyllic streets of Sants are lined with bakeries, cafes and restaurants. It is a residential area, away from the buzz of the city centre, but very easily accessible via public transportation. If you are looking for a quiet place, where you can relax after a long day of exploration and excitement, Sants is your neighbourhood.     

Poble Sec

The effervescent Poble Sec is the midst of gastronomic authenticity and diversity.

Only a short walk away from the city centre, the neighbourhood itself is a wonder – theatres and unconventional artistic spaces, sophisticated restaurants and small, corner bars alike, compose a dynamic, miscellaneous atmosphere, for all the young souls, craving an energy recharge. 

TIP: Carrer de Blai is a must if you want to try delicious Spanish tapas paired with a nice and cold glass of sangria 


Eixample is a lively and quaint central residential area, within walking distance from most main attractions. You can really get lost for hours just wandering around on the little alleys, shopping at the fresh produce Sant Antoni market or sitting on the terrace of the many incredibly delicious restaurants, cafes and bakeries, just like the locals. In Eixample, the neighbours will make you feel welcome, they will make you fell like you belong.


Gracia is one of those places where anyone and everyone feels like home. There is a certain familiarity in the air, roaming through the cobblestone streets and plazas. The area has been developing and growing for centuries, but the charismatic village-like vibe is still very present. It feels like you are part of something so pure and untouched by the touristy buzz, while being, in fact, very close to the centre.

The classic architecture merges with the new wave of alternative, independent shops, bars, restaurants and cafes.

The same kind of fusion you can notice if you look at the people – bohemian and multicultural presences, all leaving so leisurely and harmonically in their own little artsy and welcoming community.